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Who are you?

“We are Butterfly-Designs.com, Established in 1992 online since 1999”

How long does it take from the time I place an order until it is shipped?

Most items are shipped within 2-3 days or less. We ship every order as quickly as possible and we will e-mail you tracking information when your order has shipped.
All items are made in and shipped from South Dakota U.S.A.

What is your minimum order?

There is no minimum order required.

How much does shipping cost?

Free Shipping on all orders over $45.00

Our flat rate shipping is $9.00 – Free Shipping on all orders over $45.00.

Are your insect displays guaranteed?
YES! We offer a 100% product guarantee, if any insect arrives damaged we will replace it.
If there are any problems with your new purchase we will fix it or replace it for free.

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Do all of the butterflies and insects come with frames?
Yes all insects are mounted in real wood and 99% UV blocking glass shadowbox displays. All of the materials used are true archival materials and all of this is included at no additional charge.

Are all of the specimens real?
Yes they are real.

Where do your specimens come from?
They come from farms, aviaries, co-ops, breeders, collectors, traders and private individuals from around the world.

Are any of your specimens endangered?

Why are some of your butterflies and moths mounted verso or face down?
Most butterflies have completely different colors and markings on the inside and outside of their wings. When you look at a butterfly or moth what you see on one side may be completely different on the other side. About 3/4 of all butterflies and moths that we sell are available either face up or verso and some butterflies and moths only have interesting markings or colors on the outside (verso) so we only offer them that way.

Is the specimen pictured the actual one I will receive?

We do offer an ever expanding selection of specimens that are the actual ones shown in the photos. You can find them in our One of a Kind category.  Check back often as we are always adding new items to it.
Since we offer over 1700 items at any given time we use stock photos for many of the specimens offered for sale. We do however guarantee that every specimen that you receive will be as good as or better than the one pictured.

Where are your displays made?
All of our items are hand made by us in South Dakota, U.S.A.

Do you sell to any countries outside of the US?

Yes, if you have a U.S. shipping address that we can ship your purchase to you are welcome to place an order.
Unfortunately will not ship any specimens outside of the U.S. or it’s territories. Please do not purchase any items if you do not have an address in the U.S. that we can ship them to.