Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs l Insect Taxidermy Real Butterfly art Displays For Sale
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Framed Butterflies By Butterfly-Designs

Framed Butterflies, Insect Taxidermy & Real Butterfly Art Displays for Sale

Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs Real Insect Taxidermy Art Displays by butterfly-designs Since 1992

Framed Butterflies, Insects, Oceanic Sea Life & Taxidermy Art Displays  in Moonlight Displays.

Moonlight Real Framed Butterfly-Displays Featuring Solid Black Backgrounds

Old World Parchment Displays Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs Real Insect Taxidermy Art Displays Since 1992

Framed Butterflies Papilio ulysses autolycus Blue Swallowtail Real Framed Butterflies by Butterfly-Designs framed butterfly-display art for sale

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Real Framed Insect Sets

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About our Real Framed butterflies, Real Butterfly Gifts, framed butterfly-displays & Insect Displays
Real Framed Butterflies & Framed Insect Taxidermy
Wholesale Insects & Real Butterfly Gifts By Butterfly-Designs
Since 1992 Online Since 1999

The way that we build our handmade displays is truly a lost art and not many taxidermy display makers do it anymore or at least they typically do not do it well. That’s why the museum quality glass that we use in our displays is built into our frames as they are assembled for the protection of your insects. Loose glass or glass pinned in the front of a frame will not be secure enough to form the seal necessary prevent damage to your insects. Once again, this is why we hand make our own true archival shadow box displays. 
Additionally, we only use 99% UV Blocking glass inside of our frames so your butterflies and insects will never fade over time. Without using this glass your insects would fade quickly even those kept out of direct sunlight. Did you know that insects mounted into frames that don’t have 99% UV blocking glass will fade with a few months and would have to be kept in complete darkness to avoid fading. If you ever go into most museums, you may see faded insects simply because they didn’t use 99% UV blocking glass to build their displays. Always check to make sure that that the glass is 99% UV blocking in your displays.
Many displays are touted by sellers as UV blocking glass but there are many different types of UV blocking glass with strengths ranging from near zero all the way up to 99%. Anything less than 99% UV blocking glass will cause your beautiful butterflies, insects and taxidermy to fade quickly. Finally, the back of each and every frame is sealed with a Kraft paper coating. This too is very important to prevent outside pest or dust from getting into your display. This is the finale and last critical detail of any professional insect display. Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs Real Insect Taxidermy Art Displays Since 1992

Our Displays

  • 99% UV Blocking Conservation glass so the specimens will never fade over time
  • Built with the Finest Archival/Acid Free materials
  • We never use imported frames!
  • Solid handmade, artisan, real wood shadow box frames.
  • Built one at a time by us so the specimens inside fit perfectly.
  • Our frame corners are pinned without unsightly screws.
  • Each display is double Sealed for years of added protection (both the glass face as well as a protective seal over the back).

About Us

  • “We are Butterfly-Designs, Established in 1992 online since 1999” In 2004 we opened and in 2009 we opened on Etsy. In 2014 we opened We Hand Make all of the framed butterfly-displays offered on all 3 websites and on Etsy ourselves in the U.S.A.
  • Building the finest insect displays since 1992 & online since 1999
  • Experienced shippers of fragile items for safe arrival
  • We also offer custom displays created just for you
  • Our displays have been used as props in movies and tv for decades
  • Have a store? We also offer wholesale.

100% handmade by us in the USA

Our Specimens

  • We offer the largest selection of Butterflies & Insects available
  • also offering Taxidermy reptiles, amphibians, Sealife , bats & Birds
  • Specimens are Prepared, Preserved & Spread to Museum Standards
  • Looking for that unusual insect chances are we have it just ask.
  • We offer every class of insects including butterflies, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, damselflies, dragonflies. Leaf hoppers, katydids, walking stick insects, walking leaf insects, cicadas, lanternflies, praying mantis, true bugs, spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, millipedes, scarabs and more…
Made in America


We are the nation’s First and Largest manufacturer of real framed butterfly art, archival museum quality, butterflies, insect, bat & oceanic sea life displays available. We offer the world’s largest selection of handmade archival taxidermy displays.

Real Framed Butterfly Art displays Archival Sealed Insect Shadow Boxes and More.
All Framed in Solid Wood & Archival Glass Shadowbox Frames.
Real Framed Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Insects, Bats, Birds, Reptiles & Oceanic Sea Life. 
Real Framed Butterfly Art For Sale also Bats, Bugs, Reptiles & Oceanic Sea Life all Under Archival UV Blocking Glass!
Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs Real Insect Taxidermy Art Displays Since 1992


All of the real Butterflies and insects used in our framed shadowbox butterfly art have been raised on natural cruelty free tropical farms around the world. These educational farms, aviaries and co-ops provide a real source of income for native people who would otherwise have to sell trees off of their land or raise cattle which are both ecologically disastrous. Tropical insects are important members of these fragile ecosystems. If their natural habitats are allowed to disappear, then they too will vanish forever. Everything possible must be done to preserve them.
Proudly hand making the highest museum quality framed insects one at a time since 1992.
Framed Butterflies Butterfly-Designs Real Insect Taxidermy Art Displays Since 1992

We have been hand making our museum quality framed butterfly-displays, Real Butterfly Gifts and insect displays for over 25 years. Each and every one of our framed displays are meticulously handcrafted from scratch with the highest attention to detail. All of our handmade wood shadow box frames are built by us one at a time to fit each and every insect for the perfect fit. We take the extra time to make sure the wood we use is superior quality and it is laboriously planed and hand sand the wood to perfection.

We also make sure that the finished product is free from scrapes, gouges, knots and imperfections and that the corners come together perfectly. This highest quality can only be achieved from hand making the displays one at a time from start to finish. While most butterfly displays sold today use imported or mass-produced frames although they may be fine for grandmas’ photos, however these lower quality frames typically look unsightly and don’t offer the quality or type of protection necessary for insect and taxidermy displays.

Wholesale? If you own a retail store and you would like to consider adding our Real Butterfly Gifts & taxidermy displays to your inventory, we welcome wholesale inquiries. You can find our wholesale website here: