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Since 1992 Online Since 1999

Real Framed butterflies Framed Butterfly Art

Real Framed butterflies Framed Butterfly Art
Internets Largest Selection
Made from the finest quality materials available

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All of our real framed butterflies and framed butterfly art displays are made from the finest quality materials available. We have the internets largest selection of real framed butterflies. Let’s bring the outdoors in with some framed butterflies, insectbeetle or even a creepy Bat or reptile taxidermy display today!

About our Butterfly & Insect Displays

Real Framed Butterflies & Framed Insect Taxidermy

Wholesale Insects & Real Butterfly Gifts
By Butterfly-Designs

Since 1992 Online Since 1999

Our Displays

  • 99% UV Blocking Conservation glass so the specimens will never fade over time
  • Built with the Finest Archival/Acid Free materials
  • We never use imported frames!
  • Solid handmade, artisan, real wood shadow box frames.
  • Built one at a time by us so the specimens inside fit perfectly.
  • Our frame corners are pinned without unsightly screws.Each display is double Sealed for years of add protection (both the glass face as well as a protective seal over the back)
  • Building the finest insect displays since 1992 & online since 1999
  • Experienced shippers of fragile items for safe arrival
  • We also offer custom displays created just for you
  • Our displays have been used as props in movies and tv for decades
  • Have a store? We also offer wholesale.
  • 100% handmade by us in the USA


We offer every class of insects including
butterflies, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, damselflies, dragonflies. Leaf hoppers, katydids, walking stick insects, walking leaf insects, cicadas, lanternflies, praying mantis, true bugs, spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, millipedes, scarabs and more…

If you own a retail store and you would like to consider adding our taxidermy displays to your inventory, we welcome wholesale inquiries. You can find our wholesale website here: www.wholesaleinsects.com