Moonlight Displays Archival Butterfly-Displays


Moonlight Displays Real Framed Museum Quality Black Backed Archival Butterfly-Displays

Moonlight Displays Real Framed Butterfly Moth Museum Quality Black Backed Archival Displays

Butterfly-Displays With a Solid Black Backing for a Dramatic Look

Moonlight Displays – Any Color for any decor! If you’re looking for something really striking like the blood red Papilio rumanzovia, a brilliant Blue Morpho or just a simple Actias luna moth that appears to be flying in the night sky lit up by the moonlight then these frames are just for you. We have assembled a huge variety so you can mix and match to fill whatever space your trying to decorate.

We offer a large selection of real framed taxidermy items in solid wood and glass shadow box picture frames with a solid black background.
Choose from Butterflies & Moths or Insects, Oceanic Sea life & Taxidermy items below.

Old World Parchment vs Moonlight Displays? We have both!

What’s the difference between the Old World Parchment Displays and the Moonlight Displays?
Simple, the moonlight Displays have a solid black background but both have the same true archival museum quality frames and sealed attributes. You can find out more about what makes our frames the best you can get here True Archival Quality Insect Displays

Real Framed Butterfly Moth Old World Parchment Vs Moonlight Displays Museum Quality Archival Displays

Just like the rest of our real framed displays these moonlight displays contain all of the attributes that since 1992 have made our displays the best you can get. To find out more check these helpful pages:
Custom Frame & Design Options
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All of the real Butterflies and insects used in our framed shadowbox butterfly art have been raised on natural cruelty free tropical farms around the world. These educational farms, aviaries and co-ops provide a real source of income for native people who would otherwise have to sell trees off of their land or raise cattle which are both ecologically disastrous. Tropical insects are important members of these fragile ecosystems. If their natural habitats are allowed to disappear, then they too will vanish forever. Everything possible must be done to preserve them.
Proudly hand making the highest museum quality framed insects one at a time since 1992.